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Welcome to the world of Greek culture, architecture and archaeology. This
website is focused on the little sister of the Parthenon, the most
temple of the Athenian Acropolis - the Erechtheion.

Part of the world heritage monument at the Acropolis in Athens, the Erechtheion is a
Classical Greek Temple with many unusual façades.

The Parthenon, the Propylaea and perhaps the Tholos at Delphi, are better known, so the Erechtheion has been somewhat overshadowed in celebrity building terms. We are dedicated
to gaining a greater understanding of this enigmatic 5th century Athenian Temple. Using 3D modelling to reconstruct the building from accredited and detailed information, we can see
what it looked like and how it dominated the city of Athens.

We aim to produce the best quality programme material for broadcast worldwide to raise
the profile and status of this intriguing and contradictory building.

dr alex leskPresenter, archaeologist Alexandra Lesk PhD, has a passion
for this building and its history. Her work, including her thesis
‘A Diachronic Examination of the Erechtheion’ forces a
reconsideration of the construction, function and after-life of
the temple and throws open debate that could shake
established notions to the core.

Using information freely given by respected archaeologists, historians and other academics,
and the artistic skills of project leader John Goodinson. We have considerable experience and
enthusiasm in our core production team. Most important: we have a thrilling story to tell.